8 Unique Wall Decor Ideas for Your Abode

8 Unique Wall Decor Ideas for Your Abode

“Men build too many walls and not enough bridges,” said Joseph Fort Newton. But what if we said that you could turn your walls into bridges via which your guests and family could connect with you? 

When you bring out a bit of your personality on your walls through decors handpicked by you, they become bridges that form great connections! And we’re here to assist you in the process of turning your walls from simplicity to magnificence. Through this blog, we introduce you to an arena of wall decor ideas from which you can choose what best suits you. So without further ado, let’s begin acquainting you with them one by one!

  • Metal wall decor
  • Metal wall decor and metal wall art are effortlessly classic. Not only do they occupy the wall and add a sleek touch to the room, but they’re also one of the easiest to clean and maintain among decor items. Metal wall decor range from quotes and symbols to contemporary and minimalist designs. It’s an easily customizable piece of art that helps you add your unique touch to it.

  • Paintings All Told!
  • “Art is not what you see but what you make others see.” Hence, convey your thoughts, feelings and ideas through paintings hung up on your wall and create your aesthetics for people around you to appreciate. From abstracts to canvas painting and classic masterpieces loved by everybody, you’ll be making a refined statement while choosing to decorate your walls with paintings. Again being another easily customizable art, you get to decide whether to have one colossal painting tell a story on your wall or have many tiny canvases weave an aesthetic.

  • Globetrotter’s Wall
  • Are you someone who travels excessively? Then let your walls tell tales of your journey from now on. Polaroids and frames from your trips paired with souvenir wall decor and maps create an enthralling effect! This could be the perfect choice for travel geeks to showcase their passion even at home.

  • Memory Albums
  • Slightly similar to the previous idea, but this ain’t just for travelers. Anybody who loves to reminisce can easily pull off a Memory Album on their wall. Choose a particular event or timeline from your life and fill your wall with souvenirs, pictures and quotes from then. You can use paintings, polaroids and even customized metal wall art to create the unique aura to remind you of those golden times!

  • Fabric-Play
  • It is simply marvelous what an elegant piece of tapestry or knitwork can do to your wall! A tapestry with mural designs or distinctive colours alone can change the story of a wall. If you are someone who loves putting together tiny pieces to create a whole, then knitwork and crochet decors would do the most perfect fabric job for you.

  • House Plants and Books
  • Floating shelves to house your books or plants constitute subtle decor. With plants, you can add a lot of glam to your room by carefully selecting pots, jars, or vases that would go well with the wall colour or shelf design. It’s not like you can’t do so much with bookshelves! Just paint it in a unique colour or give it an antique touch and your bookshelf too can change the face of your wall.


  • Keep Quoting


    Are you a reader? Or do you simply love quotes that motivate you and make you feel better? If yes, bring all of your favourite quotes to your wall. Carefully curate messages you want to be reminded of or that which you’d like to convey to people around and inscribe them on a canvas or contour them on metal to make your own wall of quotes.

  • Clocks & Mirrors

  • They go on together like cupcakes and frosting! Seriously, all you got to figure out is a clock that’d compliment your mirror work or vice-versa. Being classic wall decor items, just give them your contemporary touch and it would give the perfect look of sophistication to your walls.

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