9 Decorative Items That You Should Use in Your Home Decoration

9 Decorative Items That You Should Use in Your Home Decoration

“Decoration is really about creating a quality of life, and a beauty in that life that nourishes the soul, that makes life beautiful.”

Albert Hadley couldn’t have been more right when he framed those words. The same way we all look forward to framing beauty in life, one of the primary reasons why we all equally aspire to decorate our homes to perfection. 

Here, in this blog, we bring you 9 decor items that are easily accessible, which you must use in your home decoration.

  • Frames and Polaroids
  • Since we started talking about framing things, let’s begin with Frames and Polaroids. A wall filled with memories is just a wholesome sight to look at! Photographs of any occasion being very easily available in this age, using them as wall decor along with polaroids would effortlessly be a beautiful option.

  • Tapestry
  • Tapestries are rich in design and vivid in appearance. It is a decor item that has been in use for ages in many different ways. It swiftly creates a backdrop for your room without having to use many articles or paint. A solid mural or mandala design would do magic to your room, giving it a bohemian look.

  • Wood
  • Wood might sound stiff but is flexible if you think quite well about it! See, it can be carved into any shape, size or design you imagine and then you give it the colour you like. There’s nothing as easily customizable as wood and it is also a decor material that would be an idyllic combo to LED lights.

  • Wall Shelves
  • Definitely, might sound boring. But it is a two-in-one gift! If designed uniquely, with uncommon cuts and bends, it is of utility not just as storage but also as decor. Contemporary bookshelves in asymmetrical or unusual designs are the latest trends in wall shelves.

  • Clocks
  • Never say no to both functionality and beauty! Clocks are one such. We need a clock at home and it is easy as pie to turn it into decor too! Just choose a bold statement piece in vintage heavy metal or one that is carefully accessorized to extract both utility and aesthetics out of your clock.

  • Mirrors
  • It’s a classic. We’re not going to rant about “utilitarian decor” once again but who doesn’t like a voguish mirror selfie!? Vintage style or contemporary cut - both are perfect choices for a modern home. Having either one statement piece or gathering small bits of a mirror to form a design is equally grand as well! Just grab the mirrors and let your creativity flow.

  • Metal
  • Being used as decor for ages, even traditionally, metal is kind of indispensable from your decorative items. So just make sure you are choosing the right and most worthy metal art piece for your home when you do! They come as quotes, maps, frames, clocks, meaningful signs or symbols and then you decide what you want it to come as. Being one of the easily customizable decor, metal wall decor is nothing less than a great choice for your decor needs.

  • Paintings
  • Staring at a picturesque painting is ethereal! Imagine you and all your guests having such moments once in a while. This is why you need a painting at least at one corner of your home! Again it is a classic decor and something that can help you radiate the vibes you wish if you choose it accordingly. Also being easy to maintain, especially if framed, sometimes a large-scale painting is all a room needs to look gallant!

  • Plants
  • Yes! Those living, breathing beings. Indoor plants made specifically for decorative purposes are easily available in any nursery these days certainly due to high demand. The decoration is all dependant on how you place them. Make use of a decorative wall shelf or hang it at a convenient place in a vintage vase or maybe even come up with numerous DIY ways to store your indoor plants. When you think of plants, don’t forget about the terrariums!

    We have finally covered all the 9 decorative items we had in mind. All of them are easy to find, mostly easy to maintain and aesthetically appealing options. 

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