5 Tips and Tricks for Better Home Decoration

5 Tips and Tricks for Better Home Decoration

Home decoration is, undoubtedly, an exciting and creative task. But we still wish for ways to get it done more easily but at the same time doesn’t compromise effectiveness. There are solutions for that, and we are here to discuss exactly that. 

These five tips and tricks have proven to have worked effectively during home decoration, making things easier and better. Everybody into modern designing ought to know them and here are bringing them before you.


Before you start decorating your new space, a quick yet neat organization and decluttering will help reduce your load up to a great extent. Remove what is unnecessary and make space for the new items. You also get a lot of storage space and more clarity on where to place what from this step. A proper organization-declutter will make cleaning up after decoration a lot simpler.

Stick to the Wall

Wall art or wall decor is such an underrated aspect of decorating. Especially in situations where you have a lot of hassle going on, and you need to put up something eye-catching quickly, then wall art is what is recommended to go with. Even with very little around, a heavy wall decor piece like metal wall art, mirrors or frames make statements effortlessly.

Make sure that your wall art is of the right size and fits in well with the articles in the room. That’s it, you are done, and your room will have an accentuated look very swiftly.

Play with Lighting

Lights have the potential to make, break and even fix decorations. Nobody wants blinding lights or lights that make everything look grey. But the right sort of lighting can make a dull painting look elegant. So try and make lighting an important part of your decoration. 

Chandeliers, fairy lights, LED lanterns/candles etc. can be great accessories. Also, do remember to make way for natural lighting and make it a part of your decoration too. Glass paintings and patterns on windows facing the Sun can be great decorative tools for the daytime.

Weave Reflections

Make use of mirrors in your decoration. Be it tall, standing mirrors or the round or oval ones which you can fix on the wall, or let it even be mirror clocks or mirrors sewn into crochet work, it is a remarkable thing to make a part of your decor. Especially when you have corners left empty, a lean standing mirror can simply help fill it. For mirrors fixed on the wall, adding frames elevates the look of the room.

Then it is all about placing your mirror in a way that you get the desired reflection. Envision the sort of reflection you’d like to have, avoid awkward angles, play, experiment, and have fun with it.

Go Thematically and with a Plan

Having a well-defined plan is great for any task, and the same applies to home decoration. While it is completely okay to leave certain things to discretion at the end after having a final look or after trying out alternatives, always have a basic outline of what you are going to do. Have figures in your plan like measurements, size, quantity, and budget. Also, mention qualitative elements like colour, material, etc. 

Then, you must consider a theme. Not necessary that you need to brainstorm heavily on this, Could be something as simple as a colour, a material, or a theme you have constituted based on whatever existing articles you had in the room. This helps significantly in avoiding mismatches and odd-looking decorations that might need a lot of fixing and changing.

Those were the five tips and tricks we have seen working out in home decoration. This is pretty simple information that anybody can remember while decorating. Yet this helps immensely in making the job easier and better for you.

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