5 Common Misconceptions About Buying Home Decor Online

5 Common Misconceptions About Buying Home Decor Online

In this era of digitisation, with the pandemic added, most of the shopping has been forced online. Yet when it comes to home decor, many are still hesitant because they seem to be caught by some misconceptions. 

Here we have identified five of the very common misconceptions people have about buying home wall decor online, and we have decided to dive deep into the roots of these to show why they can be baseless. Here we go:

“Online Shopping Isn’t Secure”

This is a general concern and may not be very specific to home decor.

But as long as home decor is in talks, all authentic e-commerce websites have secure payment options. Most of them let you pay via net banking, debit or credit cards, UPI, and some even offer the Cash on Delivery option. You can opt for Cash on Delivery method of payment if you are sceptical about the particular store you are dealing with. But for a contactless delivery, you might have to stick to the online methods of payment. In that case, make sure you’ve read the payment and privacy policies of your store well.

“Limited Collection”

There is an endless number of e-commerce websites dealing exclusively with home decor on the web. Some deal only with a certain type of home decor, like metal wall art or wooden decor etc., which makes searching for the right one easier. Online shopping makes comparison easier as you don’t have to physically visit many stores and make continuous inquiries. Switching stores happen with a click, and almost all websites, especially authentic ones, describe their product in great detail and reveal all information related to it.

Online stores are more open to customizations, and their customization process tends to be less complex when compared to physical stores.

“Can’t Ensure Product Quality”

 As long as you are shopping from trusted brands, you won’t make a mistake here. Make sure that you have read the product descriptions thoroughly and also go through the reviews posted by verified buyers to help you ascertain the quality of the product you are going to receive. With well-reputed e-commerce websites, you can even get in touch with their team to learn more about product quality.

As much as you can, shop from websites with a flexible return policy. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the home decor that has arrived and in case the store has failed to deliver what it promised, a flexible return policy will be helpful.

“Wrong Size, Wrong Colour”

Since most of our online purchases happen over a picture, it is natural to be worried about getting the size or shade accurately. In the case of size, have the measurements of the wall or space handy. Many e-commerce websites specify the measurements of their products along with product descriptions. This will help you decide whether the decor item would be apt for your space or not.

With color, even though things can get more tricky, stores committed to quality customer care let you contact their team to ascertain the colour or even ask for more natural images.

“Online Shopping is Expensive”

This isn’t true at all because, in most of the online stores, the manufacturer and customer deal directly, eliminating any dealers in between. Also, cut off all the costs that tag along with having a physical space as the store. With e-commerce, shipping charges are mostly determined based on your location. So opting for stores within your geographical domain will help you cut down shipping charges further. 

Offers, discounts, deals, and giveaways are a lot more common in online stores as compared to physical stores.

So now you make the wise decision as we have debunked these 5 common myths for you. In short, online shopping for home decor is the easiest and safest way to go at this point if you are meticulous about whom you shop from and their policies.

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