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Choosing the Right Wall Clock for Your Living Space

by My Wall Art Store UAE 01 Nov 2021

Despite having discovered many convenient contraptions for checking time like smartphones and smartwatches, Wall Clocks still haven’t gone obsolete. Let’s give it its utility in a home and a charm of yore it holds to accentuate your living space.

But to make the most out of a timepiece as decor too, you need to be meticulous in its selection. Keeping a few simple considerations in mind will aid you in choosing the right timepiece for your living room that can elevate its allure effortlessly. Let’s have a look at what aspects you can keep in mind while shopping for a Wall Clock.

  • Type Check

    First and foremost, it’s deciding what type of  Wall Clock you want. The most basic decision can be whether you want an analogue clock or a digital one. 

    Analogues hold a classic charm but can be a little noisy. While a digital clock can be functional, it doesn’t add much to aesthetics. 

    Once you decide on this, you can go into finer details like styles - retro, vintage, metallic, wooden, printed etc.

  • Location/Positioning Check


    One huge mistake people make while buying wall decor in general is waiting for the item to arrive before they can decide where to place them. 

    This might lead to a lot of confusion and disappointments later when things don’t look as expected. So plan the location of your clock in advance.

     A spot on the wall, easily visible from all corners of the room would be apt for your timepiece. 

  • Size Check


    Once you have sorted out the location, everything else just becomes a lot easier! Now that you have a spot on the wall in mind, get the measurements of the area so that you don’t end up buying a clock too big or too small. 

    Also if it’s a bigger room, make sure you get a bigger clock that would stand out in the room, for a smaller room get the clock of an apt size for it, which wouldn’t be too small yet not too big either.

  • Room Decor Check


    You really don’t want to end up with an odd-looking clock that wouldn’t merge with the rest of your home decor! 

    Hence, it becomes really important that you keep in mind the theme of your living room decor and wall colour while buying the clock. So you can pick a piece that matches your fancy and fits well in the room at the same time.

    Bright colours for a dull wall and dark colours for a bright wall is the key!

  • Material and Style Check


    Now coming to closer and finer details, make sure to have a careful look at the material of the clock to ensure it’s exactly what you were looking for. 

    Some materials can look surprisingly similar. For certain expensive materials, having its authenticity confirmed is also a good idea!

     Along with the material, reconfirming the style of your Wall Clock would help you avoid disappointments later on. And in case you need customizations, you can specify them at this point.

    If you’re ready for the most perfect Wall Clock for your living space now, let’s show you where you can find the best collection: 

    My Wall Art Store has really unique timepieces that would leave a statement in your living room. Don’t forget to have a look at our  metal wall art  collection

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