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How to Choose Between Wooden and Metal Clocks for your place?

by My Wall Art Store UAE 14 Feb 2022

From just a time-telling tool to an important element in interior design and architecture, clocks have revolutionised themselves into a status symbol over time. 

There are limitless varieties of clocks available today matching every customer and their taste of preference. 

But isn’t it possible to get lost in a hundred different varieties of wall clocks and choose the wrong wall clocks for your place? 

A small mistake like this indeed has the potential to ruin the entire aesthetics of the place. 

Let us help you with how you can choose between a wooden and metal clock for your place the smart way!

  • Interior Decor

The interior decor style and architectural structure and design of the place plays a very important role in the decision making of whether to choose a wooden clock or metal clock for your place. 

Wooden clocks are the best match for your place if it has a plywood finishing or has an antique furniture touch to them. 

Our layered and numeric curved wooden clocks are your best pick if you are looking for something with minimal and classy style. 

Metallic clock compliments the contemporary style of the interior equipped with lots of metal elements such as shelves, flower vases etc. 

Our popular range of metallic roman analogue wall clocks are made with harmless electrostatic paint and stay durable for a very long period making it the best addition to your interior elements.

  • Colour of the Walls

Colour shouldn't be seen as any less important than any other element of your room. 

Let’s say it sets the overall mood of your place. True right?

Therefore, it is important to keep in mind the colour of your walls before deciding on whether to choose a wooden clock or a metal clock for your place. 

If the colour of your walls is subtle beige or any neutral colours, you can go for either wooden or metallic based on the interior decor style and architectural structures. 

But if your walls are dark coloured, we recommend you go for wooden clocks rather than metal ones, as they come in dark electrostatic paints and will be difficult to distinguish and look shabby on the wall. 

  •  The shape of other Elements 

Another most important thing to consider before buying metal or wooden wall clocks is the shape of the other elements present in your room.

Choose between different shapes such as round, oval, square or other shapes based on the other elements present and their shapes.

Big fan of large Wall Clock in Metals and Wooden? But is the size of the room small?

Don't worry! We have the perfect wall clocks for you. 

Our Metal and Wooden clocks come in different sizes and are shaped based on the size of the room.

Even though it is confusing to choose between a wooden clock and metal clocks sometimes, it is wise to go with the above factors to make your place look classy and aesthetically pleasing. 

It is best to create a plan book and mood board with everything planned to avoid making mistakes in a hurry-burry. 

Random buying of wall clocks will bring you unwanted stress by not being able to finish the interior decor of your place promptly. 

One of the best things about MyWallArtStore wall clocks is that they are ready to hang and do not require an additional mounting process. It can be easily hung with the hanger on its back.

You can clean them with a dry or damp cloth without any worry.

Choose your best Wooden and Metal Clocks from MyWallArt Store infinite collection of Wall Clocks in Dubai!

#metal wall art #wall art 

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